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We employ high quality people who share our values and our desire to be the best. We enjoy an open environment where employees can be honest, direct and supportive. We foster collaboration and healthy debate.

We strive to make the extraordinary happen, which means constantly scanning the marketplace, listening to our customers and providing them with solutions to their needs in the world of sport.

From environmental sustainability to ethical product sourcing, we look at all aspects of corporate citizenship, recognising that there is more to being in business than financial profit.

We have built our company on a strong sense of corporate citizenship, including our unwavering commitment to responsible business practices. We believe that our values and a strong belief in doing the right thing will lead to sustainable commercial success.


We respect and promote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) core conventions. We summarise our principles of engagement with suppliers as follows:

Compliance with Laws and Workplace Regulations Facilities will comply with laws and regulations in all locations where they conduct business. 

Prohibition of Forced Labour Facilities will not use involuntary or forced labour. 

Prohibition of Child Labour Facilities will not hire any employee under the age of 14 or under the minimum age established by law for employment, whichever is greater, or any employee whose employment would interfere with compulsory schooling. 

Prohibition of Harassment or Abuse Facilities will provide a work environment free of supervisory or co-worker harassment or abuse, and free of corporal punishment in any form. 

Compensation and Benefits Facilities will pay at least the minimum total compensation required by local law, including all mandated wages, allowances & benefits. 

Hours of Work Hours worked each day, and days worked each week, shall not exceed the limitations of the country’s law.  Facilities will provide at least one day off in every seven-day period, except as required to meet urgent business needs. 

Prohibition of Discrimination Facilities will employ, pay, promote, and terminate workers on the basis of their ability to do the job, rather than on the basis of personal characteristics or beliefs.

Health and Safety Facilities will provide a safe and healthy work environment. Where residential housing is provided for workers, facilities will provide safe and healthy housing. 

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining Facilities will recognize and respect the right of employees to exercise their lawful rights of free association and collective bargaining.

Environment Facilities will comply with environmental rules, regulations and standards applicable to their operations, and will observe environmentally conscious practices in all locations where they operate. 

Customs Compliance Facilities will comply with applicable customs laws, and in particular, will establish and maintain programs to comply with customs laws regarding illegal transhipment of finished products. 

Security Facilities will maintain facility security procedures to guard against the introduction of non-manifested cargo into outbound shipments (i.e. drugs, explosives biohazards and /or other contraband).



Dreamsport is mindful of its responsibilities to promote equality of opportunity and to avoid discrimination at all times.

Our policy is:

  1. To ensure that no person applying for a job or contractual work is treated less favourably than another because of their race, age, colour, ethnic origin, religion, sex, disability or sexual orientation.
  2. To abide by the Race, Disability and Gender Equality legislation and to implement the provisions of the Equality and Human Rights Commission.
  3. To make clients and staff  fully aware of the above provisions and to make the Code of Practice available for inspection.
  4. To review practices and policies to ensure that discrimination does not exist.

Responsibility for implementing the policy in practical terms rests with the board and nominated managers.

Our action plan aims to:
Identify the needs of ethnic minority groups in relation to the work of the company and to reflect these requirements in our development strategy.
Provide guidance and training to staff and members on equal opportunities issues.
Review policies and procedures to ensure that discrimination does not happen.

To implement this policy the organisation will: 
Regularly examine and review all existing procedures policies and criteria and change them where they are found to be discriminatory.
Ensure that the policy is known to all staff members and take appropriate action in accordance with agreed procedures should a staff member be found to have infringed it.
Challenge all forms of discrimination and harassment where they occur and promote and foster an environment which makes this possible.
Review this policy on an ongoing basis to ensure its effectiveness within the organisation.

The following behaviour will be considered inappropriate and unacceptable: 
Acting in an aggressive, angry or abusive manner against an individual or group solely because they are black, a woman, a man, a member of an ethnic or national minority, a lesbian woman or a gay man, bisexual or transgender, have a disability, a particular political or religious belief or because of age or class. Racist, sexist or otherwise insulting remarks, jokes, name-calling or innuendo.
Bringing onto the premises insignia, publications or pamphlets that in any way support racial or sexual discrimination, or seeking to promote a negative stereotyped image of an individual or group.

Service Provision 
THE ORGANISATION will not operate services which discriminate against an individual or group solely because they are a member of an ethnic or national minority, a lesbian woman or a gay man, bisexual or transgender, have a disability, a particular political or religious belief or because of age or class.

Contracts Compliance 
THE ORGANISATION will endeavour to ensure that contracts of all forms are within the spirit of this anti-discriminatory practice policy.  This will entail ensuring that anyone entering into any partnership agreement with us is also operating an equal opportunities policy concordant with ours.  In cases where such policies are not upheld by our partners we may terminate the partnership.

We are committed to being an equal opportunities employer. 
We are committed to a recruitment process that actively encourages people from all communities to apply for posts. 

Advertising for posts will: 
State the basic minimum requirements both in terms of qualifications and experience.
Indicate that the organisation will treat all applications equally.
Be placed where it is felt that the maximum numbers of interested people will be reached.
Be accessible and welcoming to those from minority groups – this may include placing advertisements in specific publications / places.

Government Policy 
This policy is in accordance with the Equal Pay Act l970, the Sex Discrimination Act l975 and the Race Relations Act l976, which make it unlawful to discriminate on grounds of colour, sex, race, national or ethnic origin, or marital status.


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