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1. Are there different sizes?

Yes we are able to offer a Junior washable face covering


2. Are they washable?

We have a disposable option and a reusable, washable option.


3. How many washes do they take before degeneration?

Our washable face coverings are made from a sports fabric and therefore wash in the same way a sports garment would.


4. What is the specification of the product?

Do the products conform to government standards and regulations?We have two grades of product in the disposable version.

  1. The Medical Grade mask carries the CE mark and can be used in hospitals by health workers, for example.
  2. The Civil grade is for regular civilian use


5. Do we have documentation to show that?

Yes, we have certification documents for the medical grade products. The Civil grade products do not require regulatory certification. However, our Civil grade is from a highly respected factory which has an excellent reputation in this market.


6. By purchasing these masks, will it impact the ability for the NHS, or healthcare organisations in other countries, to purchase them?

No, it doesn’t affect the front line workers in large organisations such as the health services and other public services. These organisations are placing enormous contracts with extremely large factories. Our factories are well-established factories, who specialise in the medium-sized order volumes which we and our customers require.


7. Do the reusable, washable masks come with the filter inserts that other similar masks do? Are these separate or not needed?

No, however our reusable masks are suitable for civil use without filters. 

8. Do you offer Junior sizes?

Yes we offer Junior sizes in our reusable, washable masks.


9. Do we offer refill Sanitizer

Yes, we offer 5 litre cartons, please refer to the price list notes.


10. Is there any medical/material difference between the custom team mask and the reusable face mask?

No, both masks are polyester, neither are of medical grade, they are for civil use.